Where to get the Mini Levitator and the new Magnetapult in time for Christmas…

You can find the Mini Levitation sculpture and the new Magnetapult at Promotex Inc’s web site.  (The new Magnetapult is a bit bigger then the original Mini, but shoots its ammo over 30 feet!) They ship pretty much anywhere and should easily make it in time for Christmas.

You’ll have to email Bruce directly (bruce@promotex.ca) to see if they have any clear Mini Levitator’s left.

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New project at kickstarter: The Magnetapult!

Introducing the Magnetapult: The Magnetic Catapult.

Here’s a 1/25th second exposure of a launch:

Calculations show its going 25 feet/second, accelerating at over 16 g’s!  Hard to get this picture, let me tell you!

I’ve been working on this since halfway through the Magnetic Levitation Sculpture project, and I hope everyone likes it!

Video isn’t up yet. I work from home, so its hard to get into an office setting to get a good video of a cubical war…  I’ll get something up!


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Levitator information is up!

I’ve put up the Magnetic Levitation Sculpture information.

There’s two parts, the Levitator tips section (good idea to read before starting assembly), and the Levitator User Gallery.

I would encourage all the backers and customers to upload pictures of their sculptures in action. (You can share your sculpture picture on the right side of the page.) The best ones may be used to convince others to buy them as well!

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